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Discord Oauth Login

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I've added OAUTH login via Discord since almost everyone use it.

  • We will not add you to servers, we just get the username and you email, this is the minimum permission that Discord has for OAUTH.
  • We do not keep your username, we keep a unique identifier associated with the account (check here)
  • This is not a replacement for your Username and Password, you can still log by username and password at any time.
  • If you want to register using Discord, you would still have to create a normal account.
  • I don't personally like discord.

We don't have Discord Servers. If someone is inviting you in a server with our name, or our logo, that's not us. I don't like discord and their policy.

You can contact me on Discord at cavecanem#4499, only private DMs, I do not join servers.
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