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Awards (¬‿¬ ) - Instance Manager Release

Post by uid0 » - Instance Manager Release
  • Full support for Instance Manager
  • New lua processor event "on_watchdog"
  • Fixed abnormal crashing behaviour
  • New lua functions for sending gank messages and scanning local
  • Fixed clone select in laggy environments
  • Improved belt detection to avoid wasting time in outer station
Instace Manager
The Instance Manager is a new tool for managing the bot, allowing to easily start, stop and reload multiple instances (also restarts crashed instances), in the future it will also used to manage the running bots using the Ground Control server (now integrated into the Instance Manager)
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LUA Functions

SendGankMessage: sends a retreat message to ground control server.
Return int (always 1).

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SendGankMessage()  --> int 
ScanLocal: scans the local list and return true if a red i present.
Return boolean

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ScanLocal() --> bool
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. .* _||.| 
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