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Moonrock Automation Software

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This automation software is targeted to Barges, it will not work with Ventures.1
  • Safe: no root or modifications required, interact externally with the game.
  • Lightweight, can run on a potato2
  • Unlimited sessions (multi emulator/instance support)
  • Automatic recognition of Stabs/Miner in hotbar
  • Configurable dump station (currently limited to system)
  • Random belt/cluster selection
  • Smart asterioid approach
  • Empty belt detection
  • Red/Gank detection (with configurable killswitch)3
  • Notification support on both Telegram and Discord
  • Configurable timings
  • Screenshot and notification on Gank
  • Selectable priority for Belts/Clusters
  • Custom actions on events with LUA scripting
  • Lua API and built in interpreter
  • Session statistics via telegram/discord
  • Input randomization
  • TCP Server for multi bot communication (Ground Control Server)
  • Local scanning shared between connected bots (requires Ground Control Server)
  1. At current state venture mining is not profitable unless you multibox a lot. This is red flag that can get you banned easly.
  2. The bot is very lightwheight, however android emulators are not. Make sure you can run the game without strutters and lag.
  3. If the killswich mode is on, after returning to base the bot will close. We advice to keep this on.
  • Microsoft .net framerwork 4.7.2
  • MeMU > 7.2.2 or others*
* The application is developed and tested on MeMu, however it can techically work with any emulator (Nox, Bluestacks, etc) and even phones as long ADB (android debug bridge) is enabled. More emulators will be officially supported in future updates.
Make sure your computer is powerful enough to run the game, emulators can be very resource intensive. Also make sure you have VT-D on in your BIOS.

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  • Never ending-goals
  • Improve stability, crash tolerance, and stuck situations.
  • Improve recognition and decison making.
Long term goals
  • Remote control API.
  • Full planetary support.
Medium term goals
  • Auto jettinson for low-value minerals.
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