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Bug  08-19-2021, 03:31 PM -
In the last days I had a terrible experience with phpBB, for some still unknown reason the database data got mangled, some users were unable to log in, and my ACP was completely broken. The issue seems to have been caused by Symphony (the PHP framework that powers phpBB). 

I have reconstructed the data (it's a painful job to reconstruct bad MySQL databases) but lucky the data from the live (mangled) database plus a backup taken a few days prior did the job. The data got successfully migrated to MyBB, however you will still need to reset your passwords since the hashing algorithms between MyBB and phpBB are not compatible between each other. 

If you are not reciving the e-mail, check the spam folder, or contact me via Discord at Cavecanem#4499 or with this website contact form (you can find it in the footer). All active subscribers prior the migration got +20 days to their subscription for the hassle. You can check your subscription status in the user control panel. 

If you find any issue, don't hesitate to contact me.
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