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12-30-2021, 04:10 PM -
(12-30-2021, 10:26 AM)Stalker Wrote: When will the fail detection get fixed? I mean i have stoped all my accounts because of this in null sec.
Tryed to mine in highsec but failing to switch empty belts. Over month i cant bot without baby sitting on monitor and check what is wrong.

Hello, I'm looking into this; issue is that if I restart the emulator the recognition works, I've also tested teh bot against a screenshot of the bugged instance and it refuses to detect it. Remaiking the reference image fixed the issue.
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12-30-2021, 04:11 PM -
(12-29-2021, 01:09 PM)Ristin Wrote: I think I may have found the issue, it finally happened while I was watching it it looks like the warp time had expired but my ship was still in warp so it tapped the miners but they wouldn’t work as my ship hadn’t stopped yet.

I’ve just increased my timers for that and so far so good. I’m mining a new system atm so I guess some belts are taking my over what my old limits.

Update: OK it's still happens but less often I think the warp time was causing a similar issue, at least its better than it was.

Warp time is diffrente between belts, it shoud be between 60sec and 80 seconds.
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01-20-2022, 06:46 PM -
heyho there o/
any news about updates?
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01-24-2022, 01:27 AM -
Yea, im having same issue. At 5h session 2 cycles. Literally "unplayable".

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