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09-10-2021, 04:10 PM -

  • Added PVEAssist mode, the bot will follow fleet commands. This is still work in progess and to be considered a beta feature. Enable it by setting PVEAssist as true in the config file.
  • Now the bot can select the device using the MODEL reported by android. This allows for mismached startup of instances, when the new setting ADBDeviceName is changed from "default" the bot will ignore DeviceID.
    You can change the model in MeMU by opening Settings -> Profile -> Device Model -> Options
  • The bot will now dump partial loads.
  • Processing time for template matching is now shown in Verbosity 3.
  • Local scanning is now faster, template matching there now uses pyramid search and the sample size has been reduced (by a lot). In the future all calls will use pyramid search when possible.
  • Delay in char selection has been incrased.
  • Some edits here and there to address some bugs (hopefully)
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